Heaven Spot’s next recording is in the works!

The event will feature a variety show with a live audience, which is recorded and eventually becomes an episode of our web series. Audience members have been known to become an active part of our show, so be prepared!

Following the recording, there will be an opportunity to mingle and chat with the artists.

AND we have a new tradition: After the show, our audience will be invited to play tape ball with us 😄

Performers include musicians Greg Panzica of The Insurgency, D.s.sense, and Tina and Maureen Paraventi of McLaughlin’s Alley.  Maureen will also be reading selections from her new book, “The New Old Maid”.

The event will take place on May 19th, 2018.

Doors open at 7:30. The show starts at 8.

Tickets are $10 and can be purchased in cash at the door.

Facebook event here.

TIP: Young Fenix is on the 3rd floor at 1440 Gratiot, but the entrance is IN THE BACK. If using a GPS, entering 1440 Service St. will take you to the door. There is a dirt lot in back with limited parking.

Heaven Spot is a new web series featuring cutting edge and under-the-radar artists in the Detroit area. The show is open to artists of all kinds, so if you’re looking for an outlet, definitely shoot us a message!

Heaven Spot is produced in collaboration with the Young Fenix Fellowship.

Young Fenix is a nonprofit organization committed to building community through art and activism. Founded by Todd Farley, Young Fenix is an artist creative collective located in the Detroit Eastern Market District. Seven artists both live and work together in the 3rd floor loft space. Within the loft, there are dancers, actors, musicians, singers, directors, producers, photographers, cinematographers, set designers, lighting designers, technical directors, painters and so much more! Young Fenix works to create a platform for local artists to collaborate and reach a larger market. Half of the loft is dedicated to ever evolving rentable space for all kinds of live events from fundraisers to art exhibits, to full theatrical productions in their newly constructed Royal Theatre. Young Fenix will also be launching a new biweekly event on Fridays starting in February entitled Fenix Fridays. This event will have a live band playing jazz with comedian guests and an open mic for visiting artists to lend their talents. Musicians are encourage to come jam with the band! For more information on Young Fenix and what they are up to, follow their Facebook at Young Fenix or visit their website at http://www.youngfenixfellowship.com.

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